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MessagePosté le: Sam 29 Juil - 08:01 (2017)    Sujet du message: The score was tied and I would expect Répondre en citant

He was the child star of a McDonalds advert and dubbed footballs next big thing who was fawned over by Ajaxs 1995 Champions League-winning team. James van Riemsdyk Jersey . Sonny Pike had in front of him the career that so many wished for - but he ended up at Leyton Orient before falling out of the game by the time he was old enough to pass his driving test.The Englishman fears Celtics precocious Karamoko Dembele could suffer a similar fate if he allows others to influence his future the way he did. The Parkhead schoolboy is at the centre of a tug of war between Scotland and England after it emerged he was invited by the FA to train at St Georges Park last month. We caught up with 90s wonderkid Sonny Pike to find out what happened next for the boy who had the world at his feet 20 years ago. While the SFA is determined to keep Dembele, the prospect of losing him after just a few minutes of game-time for the under-16s is real.From the moment footage of the 13-year-old appeared on YouTube earlier this year, pressure on him has been mounting and the weight of expectation is heavy.It is a situation Pike relates to with uncomfortable ease. After catching the eye at the age of 10, he was soon touted as the new Diego Maradona and had his legs insured for £1million.TV appearances, sponsorship deals and Premier League interest followed along with an on-pitch outing at the 1996 English League Cup final to do some keepy-ups for Coca-Cola.Demand for the youngster was snowballing - yet that would change just as quickly. Dembele made his Scotland U16 debut as a substitute against Wales but has also trained with England in recent weeks Ajax took him on trial and after mixing with Louis van Gaal, Patrick Kluivert and Frank Rijkaard, they desperately tried to sign him, but he rejected them to stay at home in Essex.Pike joined Orient instead and the dream soon unravelled to the point that by 17, he was out of love with football and contemplating suicide because things had gone so sour.The extreme nature of his experiences stands as a valid warning to any emerging talent of how wrong things can go - and none more so in his eyes at present than Dembele.Pike, now 33, said: People have been messaging me a lot about Karamoko over the last few weeks and comparing us, saying its a similar sort of situation. Dembeles clear talent has resulted in lots of speculation about his future. Pictures courtesy Ive seen a few clips of him and he looks a great little player. He has natural strength and thats important because everyone will have that when hes older.Its interesting to consider which way its going to go for him and hopefully it can be a good thing for him.I like to see young footballers coming through but now its all about how Karamoko is managed and having the right people around him.People have to understand his situation. Things can develop so quickly that the next thing you know, he could be doing so much elsewhere that it takes away from his football. Karamoko Dembeles debut for Celtics U20 side against Hearts in October attracted plenty of Twitter interest Hes very talented but as I experienced myself, it can go from being a good thing to a bad thing pretty quickly.Once you get to the money side of things and people start earning, it can go very wrong and football itself slips down the list a bit.Id imagine Karamokos parents have already had lots of new friends presenting themselves, something I wouldnt be surprised to hear.They have to realise how all the focus, attention and distractions could mix up their sons feelings and affect his game. Its a lot for a kid of that age to take on.Everythings so instant nowadays that Im sure hes feeling a bit of pressure already but hopefully people just leave him to play football.Karamoko has to stay focused on himself. We are talking about a lad of 13 and its down to his parents, those closest to him and Celtic to work together and not get too far ahead. Pike says the support of Dembeles family, including his father Lossissen (left) and sister Macolua (right) will be crucial in his development Pike speaks a lot about family support and little wonder. His relationship with his father Mickey broke down due to what happened following the decision not to move to Holland.While at Orient, there was interest from Chelsea at a time when Mickey had allowed a film crew to record his son for part of a documentary.Pike was keen on going there and said as much before joining them for training without permission, unknowingly breaking FA rules and earning a 12-month ban.Cast aside by both clubs after the footage aired, he went from everyone wanting a piece of him to being yesterdays man and he has not spoken to his dad in more than 15 years.Pike added: By the time I was 14, I had five agents and the majority of them didnt even get involved in the football side of things. Sky Sports Black Friday sale Upgrade to Sky Sports now and get 12 months half price! Some were good for me and others werent but the fact there were so many of them shows how quickly things can escalate.I was working for McDonalds and Coca-Cola, I had all my clothes made by Paul Smith and I had boot deals.People were coming up to me in the street to say they had bet on me doing this and that for England.Unless theres someone around you and guiding you in that sort of situation, it can get out of control very quickly.It was good in the beginning but I slowly fell out of love with the game. When I was 17, I didnt even want to play football any more and I was in a bad way with it.A lot of people want to become professional football players but theres a long way to go at that age. You can be as well-known as you like, it doesnt mean youre going to make it.In fact, there are so many reasons at that age why you cant be a professional footballer and you still have so much work to do. The Celtic teenager is eligible to play international football for Scotland, England and the Ivory Coast. Pictures courtesy You must earn it and concentrate on actually fulfilling your potential rather than listening to people saying youre going to have it all.Pike now drives a Hackney cab around Londons East End for a living but how he could have benefitted from having The Knowledge as a child. He hopes his story helps the likes of Dembele to stay grounded and make his mark in a way he was unable to.Pike said: Ive been looking back at the things I did back then much more recently. At first, I was a bit funny about it but now I dont mind it so much.Of course, I have regrets because I wanted to be a footballer and I loved it, even though I got sick of it.Now things have gone full circle. Talking about it and getting it off my chest has been good for me but it has taken time. Im enjoying the game more than I have in the last 10 years.A lot of the things that happened to me were out of my control. Im an adult now but when I was a kid it was down to other people how things went in many respects. Scotland U16 cap Dembele has trained with his club side Celtics first team but remains a youth player Karamokos got to take things day by day and enjoy it. Even though hes the most well-known kid at the minute, theres still every chance he might not become a football player.The last thing you want is for him to be that boy we all looked at on YouTube but we didnt actually see him do anything in the game because he got distracted.When I was his age, Wayne Rooney was roughly the same age as me but nobody had heard about him yet. All the talk was about me.I was struggling for a while, Im not going to lie, but since I had my kids and I met some good people, Im as happy now as Ive ever been.I got to a stage where I wasnt enjoying football. I just wanted to be normal like everyone else and I wanted to live normally. Im doing that now and Im happy.Upgrade to Sky Sports now and get 12 months half price. Hurry, offer ends December 4! Also See: England track Celtic youngster Who is Karamoko Dembele? Celtic will not rush Dembele Dembele makes Celtic U20 debut Jamie Langenbrunner USA Jersey . Left-handed reliever Boone Logan agreed to a $16.5 million, three-year contract on Friday, a person familiar with the negotiations told The Associated Press. Ryan Suter Jersey . 1-9 on TSN. With more than 65 hours of exclusive live coverage, TSN delivers all the action beginning with Draw 1 on Saturday, Feb. 1 at 2 p. . Granada defender Diego Mainz barged into the back of Villa to send the Spain striker to the ground inside the area and Costa stepped up to the spot to score his 12th league goal in the 38th minute. Costa showed no effects of the news that his Brazilian citizenship may be revoked after he elected to play for Spains national team, as the forward was a constant threat for Atletico and forced several saves from goalkeeper Roberto.Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry wants to answer your emails at Kerry, Sorry to say, but in two of the last three Senators games its blatantly obvious who the referees are pulling for. Calling penalties on Milan Michalek for grabbing a guy after the St. Louis Blues did it for two full periods without a call and then that horrible call on Bobby Ryan for holding his stick the proper way and Steen obviously skating into it. Terrible officiating and its obvious to us fans watching on TV. Im getting to the point of shutting it off completely and trying basketball, where I know they will call terrible penalties but on both teams! Dr. Adam Hoirch --- Hi Kerry, I was curious about if referees review their own calls/non calls in the intermission. In watching the Ottawa/St. Louis game last night I have to say there were some calls that seemed unwarranted against the Senators and some non-calls against for the Blues that seemed to be blatant. Ive seen games where it appears the refs give a soft call to the team that has been wrongly punished, but that wasnt the case last night. With the Blues getting over nine minutes of power play time including a full two minutes of 5-on-3 while the Senators got only 37 seconds of total power play time it is hard to imagine any attempt was made to balance unfair or missed calls. Do the refs really try to make amends for errors or do they just forge on? Cheers,Scott --- Bobby Ryan received an elbowing penalty in the first period of the Ottawa-St. Louis game. Alex Steen ran into Ryan. Can you explain what Ryan did wrong? Thanks,Greg Moffatt --- Hi, Many have probably heard of the Senators vs. Blues game. It was pretty obvious all the calls were one-sided, at a point that I was expecting a supervisor coming down during the intermission and talking to the guys. The Senators were called on cases were the Blues did exactly the same thing, on multiple occasions, with the ref right there smiling with both hands down. As a Senators fan and hockey fan, I felt for the first time betrayed. This game was controlled and it made me so mad! My Twitter account went crazy! Fans were all on the same page, they all felt sick to their stomach. What is going on against the Senators? The Pittsburgh and St. Louis games were really weird. Example of identical play on both side were the Senators were in the box and not the Blues: - High stick- Crosscheck- Tripping- Roughing (I guess) on Michalek for coming on after the whistle and grabbing a Blues player from behind (which was done all night)- Misconduct to MacArthur because he too had enough of this circus! Last night, the Senators won against the Blues and the Refs. Please looks at the game and comment...its weird! Cheers,Jean-Francois Labonte --- Hi Mr. Fraser, To be blunt: what are the repercussions for bad referees, and what do you think the league can do to minimize games turning on bad calls in the future? Context: Im a very angry Ottawa Senators fan. We recently lost a game in part because of a blown boarding call against the Leafs and nearly lost a game against the Blues where the Blues had seven power plays and the Sens had one power play. Ill spare you most of the details of the Blues game, but it was the worst officiated game Ive ever seen. It included a comically bad call against Bobby Ryan for elbowing a player who skated into his arm while Ryan was looking away and playing a puck on the boards. A ten-minute misconduct against Clarke MacArthur for, what I gather, saying something to the referee that the referee did not like. As far as Im concerned, good referees arent just being fair, they look like theyre being fair.  In a well-officiated game, all of the fans – win or lose - leave believing the players decided the game, not the referees. If that doesnt happen, everyone loses. What do you think? Yours truly,Anthony Moffatt --- Hi Kerry, Doing my best not to wear Sens-coloured glasses, I still am shocked at what I believe to be a display of inconsistent and at times downright incompetent officiating by the referees in Ottawas game at St. Louis on Tuesday night. Despite the Sens winning the game I cant help but feel uncomfortable with officiating like that in a sport at the professional level. The Senators were assessed 10 penalties to the Blues three. I am in no way stating that some of these werent deserved as discipline has been a major issue for them this year, but such a huge discrepancy when clearly the Blues were up to antics of their own (it seemed like there was a scrum after every whistle) is very disappointing. The fact that the Blues failed to capitalize on any of their six (seven?) power play chances just added to the feel that Ottawa was in fact playing against the officials and not St. Louis. What is your opinion on the job the refs did during that game and, knowing how the league protects its refs, is there any channel through which the Senators could possibly launch a formal complaint? It was clear during the game that the team was frustrated by the seemingly unfair parade of white jerseys to the penalty box. Regards,Dave Peters --- Dr. Hoirch, Scott, Greg, Jean-Francois, Anthony and Dave: (Almost 1,000 words in the questions alone!) Since I am not qualified to provide anger management counseling for you, I will instead analyze the game from my area of officiating expertise. If the Ottawa management feels, as each of you does, they can request an official review of the officiating crews performance presented throughout this game. That performance review must be requested in writing and would be conducted by VP of Officiating Stephen Walkom. His findings would be returned to Senators General Manager Bryan Murray in a written report. Having watched every second from the opening puck drop to the end of the second period and portions of the third period and OT, I find some evidence that Brian might have already requested a formal review. Heres my analysis. It is not intended to be work of prose but simply a breakdown of calls and missed calls from my perspective. First Period: The game began with some negative energy and carryover from their previous meeting on December 16 resulting from a high hit by Zach Smith on Alex Steen. Steen subsequently missed some games with concussion like symptoms. The first clue of what the refs might have in store came when Ken Hitchcock not only started his fourth line but intended for Ryan Reeves to line up out of his normal position to take the opening draw against Zack Smith.  Referee Marc Joannette wisely ejected Reeves prior to the puck drop following some trash talk. That first shift lasted 36 seconds before unsportsmanlike conduct penalties were assessed to both Reeves and Smith. Given the negative energy I referred to, the referees should have been on high alert to bring the temperature down if and when they deemed it necessary. It was apparent to me that St. Louis Blues were the more aggressive team from the onset. With 13:42 remaining in thee first period David Backes took exception to a solid, but legal hit by Chris Neil in the Senators end zone. T. J. Oshie USA Jersey. When play stopped in the Blues zone (13:29 remaining) David Backes initiate a scrum by first grabbing Clarke MacArthur after the whistle and then dropped his gloves and grabbed Kyle Turris. This was a perfect opportunity for the referees to set a good standard on scrums by assessing a single penalty to Blues captain David Backes. This was a key moment in the game when a stand-alone penalty to the Blues should have resulted to address the scrum issue but was not called. With 4:34 remaining, Kevin Shattenkirk got away with a high hit and charge against Milan Michalek on a play that was signaled for an offside at the Blues blue line. Shattenkirk travelled a distance, left his feet and made some contact with the head of Michalek. A charging minor was warranted but not called. With 2:06 remaining in the first, Clarke MacArthur was correctly penalized for tripping when he kicked T.J. Oshies skates out from behind to take down the Blue player. Even though Sens coach Paul McLean and MacArthur protested, the referee made the right call! Another correct penalty call by the referee was then assessed to Derek Roy of the Blues with 29 seconds remaining when he grabbed and stretched the jersey of Marc Methot from behind.   Second Period: This period was when missed and incorrect penalty calls resulted in frustration for the Senator players, their coach and their fans. With 17:01 remaining, Kyle Turris cleanly won a Senators end zone faceoff against Alex Steen. Steen then hooked his stick through the left leg of Turris, lifting the leg almost waist high and depositing the Senators player hard to the ice. Steen gave Turris an additional shot once he was down just for good measure! Although nothing was called this was clearly an aggressive trip that should have resulted in a penalty to Steen and resulted in another major scrum taking place. When play stopped 13 seconds later, Turris had words with Steen, punches were exchanged in the scrum. Chris Stewart and Bobby Ryan were assessed coincidental roughing minor penalties. The main event was between Turris and Steen and following the failed tripping call, these two players should have been sent to the penalty box to cool off. There was a good non-call by referee Joannette during the resulting four on four when Alex Steen grabbed a stretch pass at the Ottawa blue line and went in all alone. Eric Gryba made an excellent, legal defensive stick lift with the referee looking on. Scrums persisted in rapid-fire that were not addressed by the referees. With 12:02 remaining, Kyle Turris of the Sens pushed the back of Roman Polaks head with force following a stoppage of play in the Blues goal crease. Turris should have received a penalty as the initiator of the scrum that followed. No call was made. Eric Condra jammed his stick at a puck that was frozen by Jaroslav Halak, resulting in a major scrum where no penalties resulted with 11:42 remaining in the period. Shortly thereafter (10:24 left) a four player scrum following the stoppage took place that included a couple of heavyweights in Chris Neil and Ryan Reeves. Once again, no penalties were assessed by either referee.A pattern clearly had developed by this point with the number of non-penalized scrums that had taken place within a relatively short span of time on the game clock. What can I say about the Bobby Ryan elbowing penalty? In an attempt to put it nicely. Ill state that Bobby Ryan did not deserve an elbowing penalty on the play when Alexander Steen ran into Ryans elbow. Penalty calls are rated in three categories: i) Good ii) Marginal and iii) Poor. This call clearly falls into category iii). The Senators lost their composure (justified or not) and verbally shared their disdain for the referees call and most likely got personal. The referees standard on scrums was somehow was altered at this point in the game when just 5 seconds into the Bobby Ryan elbowing penalty, Patrik Berglund went to the net and lightly bumped Sens goalie Robin Lehner. Milan Michalek was then assessed a roughing penalty, putting the Sens two men short when he grabbed Berglund around the neck from behind to pull the Blues player back from his goalkeeper. No punch or push to the head as witnessed previously but a grab around the neck. The penalty call was an overreaction and completely inconsistent with the standard set to on the multiple scrums that had occurred to this point in the game. Much more aggressive incidents had been committed by players of both teams had not resulted in penalties to this point in the game; especially to place a team at a two man disadvantage. Perhaps there is also a lesson to be learned by the Sens as well regarding their lack of anger and frustration management? The penalty assessed to Marc Methot with approximately four seconds remaining in the roughing minor to Michalek was justified, once Methot extended his arms and delivered a solid cross-check in the corner to T.J. Oshie. The tripping penalty assessed to Mika Zibanejad on Jay Bouwmeester with 2:59 remaining in the second period was also a must call for the referee to make. The negative energy that was first initiated by the Blues against the Senators at the start of the game was now clearly being transferred by the Sens toward the refs! Clarke MacArthurs 10 minutes misconduct at the 20:00 minute mark clearly demonstrates the Sens frustration. Third Period: I hope no one would argue with the errant high-stick by Eric Gryba that clipped Brenden Morrow or the free two-handed slash to Morrows leg before the whistle blew to assess the high-sticking penalty. What I would point out here is that rather aggressive scrums continued with a couple in the final minute of regulation time. The score was tied and I would expect, as was the case, no penalties resulted. I would have hoped the scrums had been dealt with by the referees in an assertive and appropriate manner in the early going of the game and not through a stand-alone penalty to Milan Michalek that placed his team in a two-man disadvantage. OT Period: Regardless of what the player or his coach thought the hooking penalty to Clarke MacArthur when he reached and placed his stick across the arms and body of T.J. Oshie to restrain the Blues forward on a path to the net was absolutely the correct call! The bottom line is that the Senators persevered and picked up two points in a shootout win. Whether an Officials Performance Review is requested by Bryan Murray, we will most likely never know. Perhaps more important than this, as the Senators move forward, is for coach Paul McLean and his players to review their response to the officiating they received in this game. It can only better prepare them for other emotional situations they might have to overcome in the future.        Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 

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